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Western Red Cedar Mulch - 2.0 Cubic Foot Bags

Western Red Cedar Mulch - 2.0 Cubic Foot Bags

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 2.0 cubic foot bags $6.50/bag 

Rule of thumb - 1 bag covers 7.5 square feet with 3” of mulch and there are 13.5 bags in a yard

Western Red Cedar(WRC) Bark Mulch is one the most aromatic and long lasting shredded  landscaping mulch on the market. This mulch is reddy-brown in color with a hint of orange.

Our WRC Bark Mulch is a by-product derived from the manufacturing of Split Rail Cedar Fencing. 

  • 100% Natural - There are no chemicals that are not natural to Western Red Cedar.
  • 100% Virgin wood - There are no reclaimed wood fibres or residues from any other products or chemicals.
  • The shredded nature of WRC bark mulch allows it to form a mesh-like protective barrier between the elements and the soil.
  • Slowest decomposition rate vs other Western Canadian wood species. WRC bark mulch has a natural fungal inhibitor, so it breaks down slowly and lasts a long time

Western Red Cedar Bark Mulch is especially well suited for use in shelter belts, parks, playgrounds, tree and shrub beds and large landscaping project

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