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Western Red Cedar Wood Chips - 2.0 Cubic Foot Bag

Western Red Cedar Wood Chips - 2.0 Cubic Foot Bag

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2.0 cubic foot bags 

Rule of thumb - 1 bag covers 7.5 square feet with 3” of mulch and there are 13.5 bags in a yard

Description -Western Red Cedar (WRC) Wood Chips are a by-product derived from the manufacturing of Split Rail Cedar Fencing. WRC wood chips are very durable and very well suited for high traffic landscaping applications

  • 100% Natural - There are no chemicals that are not natural to Western Red Cedar.
  • 100% Virgin wood - There are no reclaimed wood fibres or any residues from any other products or chemicals.
  • WRC Wood Chips are 100% pest free.  WRC has very few organisms that associate with it.  You do not have to worry about importing tree pests like, pine beetles or spruce bud weevils to your landscape.
  • Slowest decomposition rate vs other Western Canadian wood species. WRC wood chips has a natural fungal inhibitor, so it breaks down slowly and lasts a long time

Western Red Cedar Wood Chips are especially well suited for play grounds, around raised planters, pathways and “at grade” septic systems. 

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